YOUR Amazing Name

An Animated, Personalized Adventure with YOUR CHILD's artwork,  NAME and more!

Amazing Name is a personalized cartoon adventure that features your child’s name and their original artwork in a fun and uplifting way. Your child will see and hear cheerful characters speak their name as they travel to the moon (and back), consult a quirky owl in his Family Tree, and discover what God has said about names, and the great treasure in a name.  Your child discovers their name’s origin and original language, the meaning of their name, and how very special they are to you, and to God.

Your child’s original artwork is featured throughout the story as it flies in the wind, is rolled into a rocket, is used as a parachute, and shows your child how to write their name! 
This is unlike any other show.  Your child’s name is the central conversation of a fun cast of characters as they explore the value and Biblical perspective of names, and seek out the unique, encouraging meaning of the child’s name.  The child’s name is spoken over 20 times and shown onscreen in over a dozen unique ways. At the end of the journey, the characters read a personal letter from YOU to the child, and present an on-screen gift with their name, meaning and a hand-picked Bible verse.
The video is delivered digitally in HD video via our secure server, viewable on handheld devices, desktop PCs or smart TVs via web browser.  You can also order the 28-minute show on DVD. And to make it extra special, you can add a framed NamePlaque that matches the one in the show, or a character photo shoot, featuring your child and their cartoon friends!

Step 1: Add the Digital or DVD video to your cart.
Step 2: Decide on any Extra Special Gifts (see below).
Step 3: Complete your order in the shopping cart, and check your email for a special link where you can personalize the show with the child's name, and even add their artwork, photo, and/or a personal letter about their name!

Or start your order by phone at Call 888-763-2646
Delivery within 5-10 business days. Rush service available via phone orders. Want to know what a name means? Click our chat button on the lower right, or give us a call!

More Amazing Gifts

(Designed to accompany The Amazing Name show)

NamePlaque: $18 to $30

In the show, your child will be presented with a framed NamePlaque, which features the encouraging meaning of their name, origin and Bible verse for the name. Add this 5x7 framed artwork, and choose your own design! (If you're purchasing it WITH Amazing Name, we will use the same design in the show, so you can bring YOUR gift right out of the show, to your child!)


More designs are available at www.Meaning.Name

Personalized Character Photo: $9 to $28

This photo features your child surrounded by their favorite characters from the show! Once you order the Amazing Name video, you can upload your child's photo and we'll use it in this unique character photo!
A great reminder of what they learned in Amazing Name and how special they are.


Origin Scroll: $6.50

This full-color parchment scroll includes the name at the top and features the linguistic background of the name, citing the language and continent it is from, along with historical info about that culture. It measures 7x13.6" and ships flat with a ribbon you can use to roll as a scroll. On the reverse side is an article (black print) about the value & meaning of a name. Watch the video clip to see it in the cartoon! The real thing isn't as long as Mr. Owl's, but it does have more information!


Gift Certificate (No add'l charge)

This lovely gift certificate is personalized with the name of the child, the parent/guardian name(s), and a gift note from you! Within a few days (or hours), we'll send their gift certificate with a special code to personalize their very own Amazing Name cartoon!

Digital or DVD:
Gift Message: (200 character Max.)

Child's name AND
Parent/Guardian name(s):

Email or Postal Addy:
If you provide the postal address, we'll mail it)

Activity Set featuring YOUR CHILD's Name!

An AMAZING way for your child to learn about their name in fun, eduational ways!

  • 25+ pages of activities like mazes, word-searches, coloring pages and handwriting pages.
  • Personalized with YOUR CHILD'S NAME over 80 times.
  • Fun, colorful characters from our Amazing Name Cartoon.
  • Order them by mail or get a printable PDF file you can use over and over
  • Easy to follow instructions on each page, with a variety of difficulty levels, recommended for ages 3 to 12.

By email:

  • $3 each or 10 for $20  (no shipping charge)

Printed & Mailed to you:     

  • $6 each or 10 for $40 ($2 shipping per order. Black-print, double-sided pages.)

 Order Form:

Name:      For a 10 pack, enter 10 first names.

PLEASE share this link with other families who would like to keep their kids learning!    www.Amazing.Name/ACTIVITY

Ready to order? Got more questions? Here's our FAQ-Answers!

What does my name mean? (Or, a bunch of names!)

So glad you asked this first, because it's our favorite question! Click the chat box, email us or give us a call and we'll tell you the meaning of any name! (for long lists of names, it's best to email us.) Click here for some detailed articles on our research methods.

What if my name is so unusual that you can't research my name?

Most names spoken in the US are already in our database, but we love researching new names! 99.98% of the time,(Yep, I did the math.) we can find an authentic, positive meaning to even the most challenging of names. Contact us if you'd like to find out what your name means!

I have a big family/classroom/church/group; can I get a discount for a bulk order?

Yep! We love big orders (and big families, too!). Once you've placed your first order, call us to get a 2nd order for 20% off, and a 3rd, 4th, 5th orders at 30% off! We will also combine shipping for your multiple orders. This discount ALSO applies to the Amazing Gifts, as long as they're the same Gifts you purchased in the 1st order.

How long does it take to get my order?

It can take 3 to 10 business days to complete your video and ship your order. For an additional charge, rush service is available upon request. Please contact us.

Who is CrossTimber?

Thanks for asking! We're a family in a farmhouse, who uses all their skills to help one another (and our clients) succeed. Katie Dehnart is the talented voiceartist behind most of the characters, John is the animator, Rachael is the artist, and 2-year-old Henry is the sheep in the fields. Find out more about us at www.Meaning.Name


Additional Discounts will automatically apply as you add items to your cart.

What Bible verses do you use in your products?

We always choose ENCOURAGING Bible verses for our name meaning gifts, that connect with the meaning of the name or the value of a name. Several verses are mentioned throughout the show, and the NamePlaque verse is chosen to fit the meaning of the name. We typically start with the KJV translation, but will sometime consult other translations if the message needs context or clarification. Feel free to eMail us (or click the chat box) to ask exactly what wording is in our database. We love sharing name meanings and verses! For a more detailed answer on translations, see our Name Gift website .

Can I pick the verse or adjust the meaning of the name?

Yes. We're great with custom orders to make your gift more encouraging! Many names have multiple meanings, and meanings from separate languages and cultures. Our research focuses on the most encouraging meaning. We understand that some parents had particular qualities of a name or a particular verse in mind when they chose the name, and that some meanings can be improved to fit the particular person. If you'd like to adjust the meaning of a name, please contact us right after you place your order.

Do you ship internationally to Canada and other countries or APO addresses?

Yep, and yep and yep! Digital Deliveries can be sent anywhere in the world. For tangible items outside the US & Canada, please contact us for a shipping quote.

Do I need a PayPal account?

No.  PayPal is NOT required. Our shopping cart will accept regular credit card payments through PayPal, without requiring you to sign up. OR, you can order by telephone and skip the website altogether.  You can even pay by check, if you're not in a hurry.

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